Our EltaMD Sunscreens Are the Perfect Choice

Published on June 20, 2018

Everyone loves to have flawless and radiant skin. Unfortunately, no matter how many steps you take for proper skin care, there are various factors that still work against your efforts. A simple example is the skin damage caused by exposure to sun.

The skin does need a little exposure to sunlight in order to ensure the normal levels of Vitamin D, but too much exposure to harsh sunlight can lead to skin-cell damage and quicker aging. That is why Houston dermatologists recommend using sunscreen before heading outdoors.

Sunscreens come in many types, and SPF is one of the parameters used to compare the efficiency of various products on the market. But there are other aspects to consider as well. Our EltaMD sunscreens are popular choices for patients in The Woodlands, as they can offer effective sun protection while also being gentle on the skin.

A Wide Range of Products

For skin care and sun protection, EltaMD provides a wide range of products. There are facial sunscreens, lip balms, body creams, and easy-to-use sprays. The special thing about EltaMD’s sun-protection products is that they are known to give great results and are all easy to use.

Different products are designed to suit different skin types. Most of the products are water resistant after application, so they make great choices if you are looking for a sunscreen for a fun day at the beach. Oil-free versions and tinted creams are also available.

The Unique Advantages of EltaMD

When we talk about sun damage, the real culprit is the sun’s UV rays. EltaMD sunscreens are great because they are broad-spectrum sunscreens that offer both UVA and UVB protection. These are the ones that come with a high SPF value and can thus be effective in protecting the skin against sunburns and skin cancer caused by exposure to direct sunlight.

Broad-spectrum sunscreens are preferred because UVA and UVB rays harm the skin in different ways. UVB rays, with their shorter wavelength, might not affect the deeper skin cells but can cause damage externally, including sunburns and skin cancer in some people.

UVA rays, on the other hand, are known to have a greater penetrating power due to their longer wavelength and can cause damage to the internal skin layers. This can result in a drop in collagen and may lead to premature aging.

The magic ingredient in EltaMD products is zinc oxide. This ingredient can easily be absorbed by the skin and is absolutely safe to use. It blocks and scatters away UVA and UVB rays, shielding the skin cells from the damage caused by UV rays.

All of the sun-care products from EltaMD contain zinc oxide as an active ingredient, and there are very few other sunscreens on the market that have this benefit. Regular use of the appropriate product can have long-term advantages for the skin.

Setting Up a Consultation in The Woodlands to Learn More

The best way to choose the right sunscreen product for your skin is by visiting Houston dermatologist Dr. Anita Gill for a consultation. Dr. Gill regularly recommends EltaMD skin-care products to patients in The Woodlands. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.