Coming In for an ICON Photofacial to Rejuvenate the Skin

Published on March 22, 2018

Skin pigmentation issues are a problem faced by many people and are caused by factors like the natural aging process, pregnancy, and sun overexposure. Other common skin issues like lines, creases, and wrinkles can appear due to old age, lifestyle choices, and stress.

Happily, you don’t have to live with such skin problems any longer – effective solutions are now available. One such solution we provide at our office in The Woodlands is the ICON photofacial.

The ICON Photofacial

The ICON photofacial is a laser-based procedure that involves the use of laser beams to treat various skin problems. The laser energy stimulates collagen growth, which in turn makes skin healthier and smoother. It can also encourage natural bodily processes that aid in the removal of scars and pigment problems.

The laser can be customized for each person’s unique case in order to address specific issues. After examining your skin at our office in The Woodlands, Houston dermatologist Dr. Gill will plan the treatment. She will make changes to laser duration, wavelength, and the power of the beams in order to treat your unique problems.

The ICON photofacial is a safe treatment for almost all skin types. It can be used not only on the face but also on the chest, neck, hands, and legs. The laser doesn’t harm the skin around the treatment area.

Treatment sessions can take around 30 minutes. You may feel a slight tingling when the laser is used on the skin, but the process is painless and comfortable. You may experience a bit of swelling in the treatment area, which will subside soon. You can resume your normal routine immediately after your session is complete.

Reasons to Opt for the ICON Photofacial

The ICON photofacial is useful for addressing and correcting many skin problems. With new collagen production, your skin will gain an improved texture, a healthy glow, and a suppleness that it did not have before.

You can also use it to treat the appearance of veins on the face or elsewhere on your skin. If you are troubled by sun spots or other pigmentation issues on your face or hands, the ICON photofacial can eliminate these problems very effectively.

It is also effective in treating acne, scars, and enlarged pores. If your skin is red due to a medical condition such as rosacea, ICON photofacial can lessen or completely treat this redness.

You can also use ICON to address vertical lines that appear above the lips due to aging or smoking. These lines can make your face look older and less attractive. You can also address wrinkles on face, neck, chest, and hands with ICON photofacial. The ICON photofacial can rejuvenate your skin completely without harmful side effects.

During Your ICON Consultation

If you are pregnant or planning your pregnancy, you may need to wait to get ICON photofacial treatments. Inform Dr. Gill about this during your consultation. If you have skin allergies or a medical condition, it is also important that you inform Dr. Gill about these problems.

To schedule your consultation with experienced Houston dermatologist Dr. Anita Gill in The Woodlands, contact our office today.