Address Hair Loss with PRP Treatments

Published on November 10, 2017

Are you fed up with that balding appearance and losing your self-confidence because of the increasing hair loss? Then don’t worry, you are not the only one who is suffering from this problem. There are plenty of others who are undergoing hair loss that is ultimately leading to baldness. But with the advent of new treatment methods, even hair loss can be controlled. Surgical hair-transplantation procedures are not always necessary – there are several minimally invasive yet effective procedures to control hair loss, and one such treatment is injection of PRP.

What Is PRP Treatment?

PRP hair-restoration treatment, or Platelet-Rich Plasma hair-restoration treatment, is a non-surgical way to help restore the lost hair on your scalp. In this process, the plasma of the patient, which is rich in platelets, in injected into the scalp. This plasma contains various growth factors that stimulate the growth of new hair. The PRP injection promotes the new growth of hair and leads to cessation of hair-loss problems.

How Is PRP Treatment Undertaken?

First, when you will visit the doctor, your blood will be collected at the office. After this, the blood will be taken to the laboratory. It is then made to undergo several processes in order to make it suitable for use in PRP treatments. The first one is centrifugation.

If you are wondering why the blood is centrifuged, the reason is very simple. It is done to separate your plasma, which is rich in platelets, from the rest of the blood components. Granulocytes are eliminated from the plasma. This is done because granulocytes are known to delay the healing process.

Once the PRP is collected, it will be carefully injected into your scalp in order to stimulate growth. After this, you will undergo a wash and then you can safely return home. No downtime will be required.

What Are the Advantages of Undergoing PRP Treatment?

PRP treatment has several advantages, including the following:

• PRP treatment is sought out by many due to its natural rejuvenating nature. When concentrated plasma containing platelets is administered, your system will automatically act faster than normal and you can see your hair growing back again.

• You don’t have to deal with any scars or incisions like with other cosmetic procedures. PRP hair-restoration treatment is the simplest and more effective outpatient procedure to curb hair loss.

• You will get a long-lasting result with PRP treatment, which is often not the case with many treatment methods.

• You don’t have to fear any form of contamination, as you will not be administered with any foreign chemical; it will be your own plasma that will be given to you.

Schedule a PRP Treatment Consultation

Forget those days when you used to worry about your hair loss. Now that you know more about PRP treatment, it’s time to take the next step: contacting our office for a consultation. Dr. Anita Gill, a well-respected Houston dermatologist serving The Woodlands, will be happy to discuss the procedure in greater detail and get you started with your PRP hair-restoration treatment.